PEPPOL: big opportunities for small suppliers

November 21, 2016  |  edi, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The UK Department of Health is fully committed to moving the NHS over the next few years to a position where commercial transactions are carried out electronically. This requires the adoption, by both NHS Trusts and their suppliers, of GS1 standards on barcoding and of the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine) standard for communicating documents such as orders, invoices and shipping notices.

Even though PEPPOL is straightforward, even for the smallest companies with little or nothing in the way of back-office IT, for suppliers to the public sector, being small can still be a real disadvantage.

That is why there is Data Interchange’s Digital Invoice suite that does rather more than just invoicing. Digital Invoice can stand alone, or be based in the cloud or on a web portal, and, at its simplest, will take your customer’s order received via PEPPOL and convert it to human-readable form on a browser, or translate and send it to your accounting package for you to process.

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