Palette introduces yet another new customer: Murco Petroleum

Palette cannot be stopped! They welcomed US Farathane in their family only a week ago. That’s why we were quite surprised to read about a new contract between Palette and Murco Petroluem today. It makes you wonder how they do it. Props to them.  will enhance its accounts payable operations with Palette’s advanced, web-based invoice automation solution.

Granting Murco’s wishes

Murco had a couple of wishes. They wanted to standardise accounts payable processes across the business, and simplify workflow for staff while giving complete visibility and auditability of the financial position across multiple ERPs simultaneously. Murco is going to use the PaletteInvoice, Supplier Portal and PaletteMobile elements of the PaletteArena suite of accounts payable automation solutions to comply with these wishes.

Changing the focus

PaletteInvoice will integrate with Murco’s SAP and ERP systems. “With PaletteInvoice, we will be able to focus more on financial analysis, management and control, instead of routine tasks such as chasing authorisations or documentation,” said a Murco Petroleum spokesperson. We will keep our eye on Palette’s website in the meantime. What will next week bring? Or do we have to wait a bit longer this time around?

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