Palette Introduces PaletteArena 6.4, featuring additional purchasing features and improved analytics

PaletteArena 6.4 will provide finance and procurement departments with a fully comprehensive solution that delivers greater control and management of all business expenditure, giving complete oversight of the entire purchase-to-pay process, while streamlining procedures and achieving greater operational efficiencies.

Many of the key upgrades have centred on the PaletteBuyer module of the platform, including: enhanced integration between purchasing processes and accounting processes; new functionality to integrate additional catalogue management options; and improved analytics tools for finance teams to monitor business spend and purchasing decisions.

Other key enhancements in PaletteArena Version 6.4 include a new user interface to simplify key functionality and processes; increased functionality when accessing the platform from mobile devices; simplified on-boarding of suppliers to the E-invoicing portal; improved analytics and reporting capabilities; and increased spend management through integration with all major credit cards internationally in the PaletteExpense module, enabling oversight of credit card expenditure.

In total PaletteArena version 6.4 includes a wide range of enhancements to further advance functionality, simplify processes and improve the user experience while maintaining and building upon PaletteArena 6.3’s mobile capabilities and range of reporting and management facilities.

Palette’s CEO, Lars Ola Petters:
“PaletteArena 6.4 was developed with a clear focus on enhancing the entire purchase-to-pay function of businesses. With the additional functionality, particularly in the PaletteBuyer module, organisations can build a clear picture and understanding of their Purchase-to-Payment processes and expenditure. 6.4 provides a solution that further streamlines these operations, while providing greater control and management of both their purchases and overall finances, delivering key benefits to accounting and procurement departments.” 

The new solution will be available to Palette’s rapidly growing customer base of 2,000 businesses across Europe, North America and Australia. The growing customer base now includes organisations across a range of sectors including media, travel and food and drink, such as including Clas Ohlson, Universal Robots, Fläkt Woods, Autolink, Flügger, a major airplane manufacturer, a leading international car manufacturer and a leading European health care company.


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