Palette inks over 20 new AP automation clients since April. Check them out!

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Palette helps businesses large and small to streamline and automate their financial processes from purchase to payment. Currently Palette services over 1400 companies in 34 countries, probably making it one of the bigger providers in AP automation: electronic processing of supplier invoices.

Recently New AP Automation clients for Palette

With their fully web-based and flexible product suite PaletteArena, they give customers complete visibility and control of the P2P process by linking purchases, invoices and contracts. Because of that the following clients selected Palette:

Björkmans Bil
Björkmans Bil is one of the largest and oldest private dealers for Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Mitsubishi, Opel, Peugeot and Saab in Sweden.
Reneriet AB
Reneriet AB is a cleaning company that performs different types of cleaning such as cruise ships, schools, and medical clinics.
The Stockholm International Water Institute
The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a Stockholm-based policy institute that generates knowledge and informs decision-making towards water wise policy.
Palette talks about how to automate with PaletteArena at the event at Mariott courtyard
Palette customers Selecta and Engelska skolan share their experiences about how it is to work with Palette.
Urban Deli
Urban Deli opened in October 2009 and is a mix of a restaurant, a supermarket, a food hall and a bakery.
Peaken Fastighetsbyrå AB
Peaken Fastighetsbyrå is owned by Swedbank, one of the larger banks in Sweden. Peaken Fastighesbyrå will use PaletteOnline Express with cloud scan. The deal is made by Palettes partner Canon Gothenburg.
S.M.A.R.T Media
SmartMedia is a young and growing company that develops, produces and publishes themed supplements distributed with leading newspapers.
TOP-TOY A/S is the largest retailer and wholesaler for children’s toys and related products in the Northern Europe.
Burmeister & Wain Energy
BWE is an international Hi-Tech company that meets the market demand through development, design, construction and commissioning of high efficiency advanced utility and biomass steam boilers to the energy industry.
TB Bil i Norrköping
TB Car is one of Östergötlands most modern car facilities. Also, a full-service facility, which means that they offer the car-related products and services that their customers might need throughout the car ownership.
Be-Ge personbilar
Be-Ge Personbilar AB is authorized for the sales and service of Volkswagen private and transport cars and Skoda.
DevCode helps companies to streamline and automate their workflows and business processes through knowledge and software. Since the beginning they have worked with the streamlining of business and core processes as well as developing systems for many of Sweden’s largest companies.
Canadian North
Canadian North is using PaletteInvoice, part of the PaletteArena suite of accounts payable automation solutions, to ensure that the 40,000 supplier invoices received annually at its offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Iqaluit are processed, approved and scheduled for payment quickly.
Paulssons Glas & Aluminium
Paulssons is a company that owns, builds and manages rental properties in the Öresund region, south in Sweden. Operations began already in the 1950s. Since 1994, the business is focused on real estate investments and management.
NeH Svenska AB
Nils Erik Holm is a pioneer in the Swedish promotional product industry and helps its corporate customers to increase revenues by using promotional products in their sales and marketing activities.
Da Matteo AB to Palette
Da Matteo is a company that roasters coffee locally rooted in a historical environment, in Gothenburg. They have an open production where everyone is invited to see the process behind the coffee you drink.
Nordiska VA teknik
Nordiska Va Teknik is the leading manufacturer of pumping stations for water & sewer. They perform all the parts themselves, from the technical building and carpentry to assembly, welding and test drive.
The Danish Chamber of Commerce automate their processes with Palette
The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for Trade, IT and Service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organizations in Denmark with more than 200 employees, offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and in Brussels.
CL Fitness streamline
CL Fitness has since 1985 developed and delivered profitable training solutions for everything from clubs, associations, private companies, public institutions, gym, hotel and spa. CL Fitness has a wide range of products with unique service-based solutions tailored to each customer’s …
Capella Industries
Lambretta watches are modern fashion accessories with a old-fashioned style. The watch collection is clearly inspired by the look, design and spirit of Lambretta scooters . Featuring unique designs inspired by Lambretta’s racing history and the famous scooters .

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