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November 2017

  1. Pagero launches Pagero Accurate Spend Management (ASM)

    Pagero’s Accurate Spend Management (ASM) is a service that gives purchasers, controllers and CFOs a powerful tool to take control of the company’s spend.

  2. Will Italy be the first with mandatory B2B e-invoicing in the EU?

    As from 2019 all business to business transactions for the supply of goods and taxable services would have to be submitted through the Sistema di Interscambio: The clearance model!

October 2017

  1. Interview: 7 things you should know about e-invoicing compliance

    Nazar Paradivskyy, Head of Compliance at Pagero, elaborates on why e-invoicing compliance is important, what a company needs to consider before it starts e-invoicing and what Pagero is doing to ensure that our offering measures up to requirements.

  2. Pagero partners with Deloitte for global e-invoice compliance

    Deloitte will provide Pagero with information about e-invoicing legislation development on a country-by-country basis and help us interpret it so that we can secure top-quality compliance services over time for our customers.

September 2017

  1. White paper “European e-invoicing – Current landscape, benefits and challenges”

    Given the variation in local standards, infrastructure and regulations from one European country to the next, implementing a single solution for European e-invoicing is a challenge for most multinationals.

May 2017

  1. Interview: Delivering First Class Services to a Growing Customer Base

    Helena Stolpe, VP Delivery, Pagero, tells more about how Pagero’s delivery organisation works, how their job has changed with the company growth and why her organisation is an integral part of Pagero’s customer offering.

  2. Pagero France partners with French digitisation specialist Sendao

    Pagero France takes yet another step in establishing Pagero in the French market by partnering with Sendao, specialised in helping French companies to answer to electronic RFPs.

  3. Pagero raises EUR 10 million for international growth

    The company says it will use the funding to expand in Europe and North America, and to expand its workforce to 250 employees.

April 2017

  1. E-invoicing….why bother

    John Larkin, Pagero Ireland Country Manager and media industry specialist explains why organisations should “bother” about e-invoicing and outlines a step by step approach to e-invoice adoption.

  2. Doka aims to send e-invoices across the globe with Pagero

    By using Pagero’s services, they have been able to fulfill all legal requirements in Europe, while also saving money, the environment and meeting customer requests for e-invoicing.