Peruvian distributed clearance model launched

October 22nd, 2017 by in Accounting, Compliance, Digitalisation

The Peruvian Tax Administration SUNAT recently authorised the first two e-invoicing operators that will eventually take over the current centralised clearance service at SUNAT

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Electronic Delivery Note; the next step of digital transformation in Turkey

SNI recently has introduced “SNI e-Delivery Note” which is a fully integrated SAP Add-on solution. It helps users to have SAP as a single user interface without an external interface or use of external software.

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Compliance as a Service: what is it and why has it become a trend?

October 17th, 2017 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

Companies shift to operating in a global environment with a broad and fragmented legislative framework, due to extensive requirements. In this scenario, compliance has become of prime importance in organizations.

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Banks join with fintech to increase added value by e-billing for customers

Banks are forced to focus on the their core services while opening up, providing API’s and interconnecting with value added service providers like Wave, Transactis and many others alike.

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Are (near) real time reporting e-invoicing controls a threat to e-invoicing adoption?

October 16th, 2017 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Alicja Kwiatkowski, Legal Counsel, TrustWeaver published an interesting article, called: “EU VAT invoicing controls: What the unfolding policy mix tells us about the future?”

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Interview: 7 things you should know about e-invoicing compliance

October 13th, 2017 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

Nazar Paradivskyy, Head of Compliance at Pagero, elaborates on why e-invoicing compliance is important, what a company needs to consider before it starts e-invoicing and what Pagero is doing to ensure that our offering measures up to requirements.

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Pagero partners with Deloitte for global e-invoice compliance

October 13th, 2017 by in Compliance, Cooperation

Deloitte will provide Pagero with information about e-invoicing legislation development on a country-by-country basis and help us interpret it so that we can secure top-quality compliance services over time for our customers.

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CloudTrade and Taulia partner to provide best of breed invoicing solutions to global businesses

October 11th, 2017 by in Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing

CloudTrade now forms an integral part of Taulia’s global offering, interfacing directly into Taulia via its open APIs, enabling many of the world’s leading businesses to transition to paperless invoicing.

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TIE Kinetix signs contract with municipality of Rotterdam for e-invoicing

With their FLOW Partner Automation platform, TIE Kinetix offers a complete solution for the municipality of Rotterdam, their suppliers, and customers to migrate towards e-invoicing.

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The future of P2P, Purchase to pay

Digitisation is inevitably affecting most companies, often for the better. The development of digital support has relatively quickly changed Purchase to Pay (P2P) processes too…

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