Order2Cash and BVCM join forces to realize a unique financial BPO proposition

June 28, 2016  |  Cooperation, Credit Management, Payment

Order2Cash, formerly Anachron, and BVCM have signed an agreement to enter into a long term partnership. Both companies will combine their core competences in order to realize a unique Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) platform for the processing of accounts receivable and order-to-cash related activities.

With their BPO proposition, the two companies aim to offer unprecedented flexibility to businesses looking to upgrade the efficiency of their existing financial processes. By integrating a series of both back and front office tasks into a single platform, customers will be able to outsource the majority of their most labor intensive and time costly processes; reducing payment timetables dramatically and gaining much greater control of their day-to-day cashflow levels at the same time.

The vision of Order2Cash

Order2Cash, formerly Anachron, is a pioneering provider of financial software solutions, geared towards the acceleration of the order to cash process. The new BPO proposition will extend that reach even further.

Frank Hoekstra, CEO of Order2Cash:
“Our BPO proposition will push way beyond the current standards of AR and O2C automation. Our aim is to create a single, thriving financial platform that caters to all aspects of a company’s O2C cycle, covering both internal and external procedures.”

“With our BPO proposition we will be able to assist our customers with an initial cleanse of all their data and give them the tools and reports they need to quickly identify, rate, approve and onboard customers moving forwards. We will empower them with flexible e-Invoicing, billing and payment solutions that will make it much easier for their clients to conduct business with them, internationally. We will also ensure our customers have access to the most comprehensive credit management and collections tools to follow up on any exceptions and overdue amounts. Customer service and dispute management will also be contained within the platform, providing real time support alongside up-to-date, transparent historical financial information and ongoing payment status data.  Combine all that with a wealth of business intelligence reports, covering the range of vital financial statistics and behavioral analysis our solutions amass, and you will begin to grasp the full potential of our BPO proposition.”

About BVCM

BVCM has been active since 2005 and offers total solutions within the prospect-to-cash chain. Carel Alberts, Commercial Director of BVCM:

“Thanks to our partnership with Order2Cash, we can support our clients with a complete end-to-end proposition, from customer adoption and data wash through to (legal) collections.”

“Order2Cash’s innovative e-Invoicing solutions initially brought us into contact but together we quickly understood that joining forces could result in even greater benefits, both for ourselves and our joint customer base. Our mutual customers are looking for structural solutions that can assist their organization in achieving strategic objectives. Our BPO solution will lead to shorter deadlines for payments, higher customer satisfaction and reduced costs, three targets all our customers share.”

“The initial response to our BPO proposition has been very enthusiastic. By partnering with Order2Cash, our clients will gain 24/7 access to the status of each and every line item, file status and any open or archived uniform (reporting) communication. The Order2Cash platform and the services of BVCM connect seamlessly. The pooling of our mutual expertise and solutions is truly unique worldwide and we look forward to reaping the rewards of this exciting and fruitful partnership.”

Companies wishing to hear more about the BPO proposition from Order2Cash and BVCM can feel free to contact either company for further information.

Order2Cash – www.order2cash.com – [email protected]
BVCM – www.bvcm.nl – [email protected]

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