Order2Cash.com: A single platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle

Order2Cash.com: A single platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle

The Order2Cash cycle covers a range of financial processes, often handled by multiple departments and financial teams. Communication between these departments is crucial to having an effective and smooth flowing O2C cycle. With all customer behavioral and payment data stored in a single location, Order2Cash.com ensures that all departments gain access to the information they need when they want it.

Order2Cash.com offers you a single online platform to manage your entire order to cash cycle. Through one contract and one point of contact, Order2Cash can be your sole supplier for:

  • Credit Risk & Customer Assessment
  • Digital Contract Signing & Archiving
  • e-Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Cash Application
  • Credit Management
  • Collections
  • Business Intelligence

Let us handle the process while you focus on customer relationships. Order2Cash.com will ensure that your order to cash process will flow smoothly and uninterrupted, following all the business rules and requirements you have. Any errors and disputes will be immediately flagged and reported, minimizing any payment delays.

Order2Cash.com will automate most of your administrative financial processes, freeing staff up to focus their attention on exceptions and other more important tasks. It will also optimize the flow of information between you and your customers. You will be able to offer flexible, tailored service methods to different groups of customers. This will ensure clear lines of communication across all channels, making it easier for customers to conduct business with you and provide greater financial protection for your organization.

Why should you work with Order2Cash?

Order2Cash.com offers a modular platform of connected solutions. Connect the key features and services your organization requires into a personally tailored solution:


Credit Risk & Customer Assessment

Credit Risk & Customer Assessment: Get up-to-date credit analysis on any customer or prospect. Build specific workflows for different customer segments and retain control of your full credit policy across all payment activities.


Digital Contract Signing

Digital Contract Signing: Move your entire contracting process online and receive signed documents in minutes, not days. Our secure digital signing solution allows customers to access, process, and sign electronic documents anywhere, anytime.



e-Invoicing: Deliver invoices anywhere, at any time, across any channel and in any format with our powerful e-Invoicing solution. Order2Cash.com connects with a broad range of B2B & B2G invoice networks, ensuring full interoperability and VAT compliance worldwide.


Online Payments

Online Payments: Offer flexible payment solutions to your customers and get paid quicker. Introduce direct payment links into invoices and other communications to accelerate the process further.


Cash Application

Cash Application: Process more than 90% of all payment reconciliations automatically with our cash application software. Handle high volumes of invoices and debtors, automate the distribution of payments and benefit from faster, smarter, more accurate matches.


Credit Management

Credit Management: Make accurate payment forecasts and shape the future of your credit policy wit our robust credit management solution. Tailor workflows for different customer groups or even individual accounts. Monitor the progress and resolution of all amounts forwarded for collection activities.

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