OB10 enhances their E-invoicing Portal, closes deal with Centrica

OB10 has closed a deal with Centrica, one of the UK’s largest gas and electricity providers. Centrica decided to adopting OB10’s e-Invoicing solution. By doing so, Centrica:

  1. streamlines its accounts payable function;
  2. automates the ability to accept supplier invoices in a wide variety of international invoice data formats.
  3. is able to maintain its position as a leading supporter of the Prompt Payment Code.
  4. follows the footsteps of  utilities providers including like Severn Trent and Scottish Water.

Enhanced E-invoicing Portal

The decision of Centrica is well timed, as OB10 is launching the latest version of its customer e-invoicing portal. Based on feedback sought from thousands of accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) customers, the portal offers:

  1. users closer collaboration, greater personalisation, and enhanced self-service support and visibility into the invoicing process
  2. enhanced user experience
  3. efficiencies and transparency to the purchase-to-pay process
  4. a platform to deliver ground-breaking new services
  5. accelerated system performance and offers near-infinite scalability

Comments from Luke McKeever, OB10 CEO

We asked Luke McKeever, OB10 CEO, to respond to these two developments. And this is what he said:

  • About the Centrica deal:
    “We are delighted that Centrica has made the decision to join our e-Invoicing network”, said Luke McKeever, CEO of OB10. “Our continued growth in the provision of e-Invoicing services to utilities companies has seen a dramatic increase in the number of associated suppliers who are using our platform to send invoices to their customers in this sector.”
  • About the enhanced customer e-invoicing portal
    “This is a major milestone for OB10 and signifies a step change in the speed at which we can bring user-centric services to market,”

    “This latest version allows us to further differentiate our offering, and transform the way organisations think about and implement e-invoicing solutions. Combining a revised back-end architecture with our redesigned front-end platform enables the agile deployment of new capabilities and features.”

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