Next Generation PDF Interactive E-Statements. In China

March 20, 2012  |  Asia, Digitalisation

Take a look at this. An extremely innovative solution from ISIS Papyrus for the  China Trust Bank. With it the China Trust Bank has achieved an adoption degree of 24% within 3 months now sending 60,000 emails per day on average.

About the interactive PDF e-statements

The e-statement is completely personalized and contains customized video marketing messages. The click-rate on the marketing messages will be monitored daily and marketing messages can be exchanged per run.

China Trust Bank sells their marketing messages and that is why it is important to have a high click rate . The QR codes and barcodes are designed and placed so that the consumer is able to be mobile in a 7-Eleven store are taken to comply. Furthermore the pdf `s have a password that the consumer can set the portal.

Try it out!

We have attached a sample PDF to this post. So you can try it out. The password = FUCO. The document also shows how ISIS Papyrus also can generate dynamic tables in PDF (Adobe not required)

ISIS Papyrus Interactive PDF E-Statement

ISIS Papyrus Platform

This solution is fully realized with the ISIS Papyrus Platform. From the design documents, and customized high-volume format including video embedding in the PDF, email delivery, email bounce handling, color printing (what happens for those with an opt-out), the click-rate Meetings management and marketing message.

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