Milestone: over 50% of companies deploy AP automation solutions

September 24, 2012  |  Adoption, Invoice Automation, Research

PayStream Advisors must be of the opinion that it can’t do any harm to check the score every once in a while. The technology research and consulting firm has been studying the trends in AP automation for nine years and has just released their latest results (with ReadSoft’s help). And what do we learn from this newly released research? More than 50% of all companies are implementing front-end automation and automated workflow. Let’s hope that this is a continuing trend.

Benefits cause rise in adoption

So next question: how come? Henry Ijams, Managing Director of PayStream Advisors, reports: “The adoption of invoice automation and automated workflow is on the rise because organisational leaders are recognising the proven benefits that it brings to their organisations. Whether it’s quicker approval cycles, increased productivity or lower processing costs, they know that the technology delivers — and this drives their interest.”

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