Mexican electronic invoicing grew 160.9%, 224% and 4432% in 2014

After the Tax Administration Service (SAT) ordered the mandatory use of electronic invoicing for all taxpayers, Issuing issuing electronic invoices via CFDI grew with a staggering 160.9% from January to November 2014, compared with same period of 2013.

The Mexican Statistics office calculated that in the first 11 months of the year, 4521.9 million CFDI were issued in the same period, compared to 1733.5 million electronic invoices in 2013. Specialists estimate that currently some 13 million e-invoices are being issued every day.

And over 10 years a staggering total of 14,310.1 million e-invoices were issues. 50.5% of them (7232.8 million invoices) correspond to CFD -Scheme (that started in 2004 and ceased operations on 31 March 2014), and 49.5% (7077.3 million) are CFDI e-invoices.

Jorge López, president of the Mexican Association of Suppliers Authorised under Certification (AMEXIPAC) considered that the observed increase in the emission of CFDI e-invoices is the result of joint work between the Mexican authorities, the private sector and AMEXIPAC’s authorized certification providers (PAC):

“Mexican economic sectors rely on taxpayers in meeting their fiscal obligations, and that is why part of this commitment is carried out by PAC’s through SAT certification, renewal of authorizations and by expanding value added services”

224% increase in E- invoicing through PAC’s

Aristotle Nunez, head of SAT, said that in the country a PAC facilitates the process of invoicing, and accompanies the taxpayers in fulfilling their obligations and to solve infrastructure problems that rise during operations.

At present 73 authorized certification providers (PAC’s) are accredited by the SAT to provide electronic invoicing services in Mexico.

From January to November 30 2014, 4453.5 million e-invoices have been issued through the PAC, representing an increase of 224% compared to the same period last year.

4432% increase for the free e-invoicing tool

Also, in order to assist taxpayers with low economic capacity, the SAT develop a free e-invoicing tool that offers the services of generating electronic files, validation and secure communication through its website.

In the first 11 months of the year, issuing CFDI e-invoices, using the free e-invoicing tool, showed an increase of 4432% over the same period of 2013, from 1,5 million vouchers to 68,349.8 million e-invoices.



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