Mexican e-invoicing displayed as best practice for Pan EU e-invoicing

best practice 150x150 Mexican e invoicing displayed as best practice for Pan EU e invoicingMore than 9,000 million (9 billion!) electronic invoices issued by different companies and entities in Mexico the past decade displays the success of the Mexican Einvoicing initiative. It represents a major step in the country’s progress in its goal towards the development of e-government that provides greater efficiency, avoide the use of paper, to minimize fraud and to increase in public agility.

The successful implementation of electronic invoicing in Mexico has attracted much interest of the European Commission, as well as single EU Member States.

Recently, officials of the Mexican Ministry of Finance (SCHP) exhibited in Brussels how the Mexican CFDI einvoicing model works. They also explained the process of implementation as well as the achievements and benefits obtained from ten years of Mexican electronic invoicing.

The presentation made by the SCHP representatives was evaluated by a representation of the European Commission and members of EESPA (European E-invoice Service Providers Association). Also the Mexican model of electronic invoicing and the Portuguese model of e-invoicing were compared with each other (See also: Will simplified e-invoicing help contain the EU shadow economy? An analysis). In essence the way e-invoicing was implemented in Portugal was presented as a success story in Brussels.




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