Mexican e-invoicing adoption up 300 percent in 6 months

During the first half of the year, the growth in the number of issuers of electronic billing taxpayers increased by more than 300% compared to 2013. The reason for this steep rise is of course that as from 1 April 2014, electronic invoices are the only way to go in Mexico.

Countries that have mandated the use of advanced electronic invoices (compared to PDF einvoices and alike) have seen remarkable advances in more efficient tax collection and anti VAT fraud protection. However after a decade of using e-invoices in Mexico, much still remains to be done, as it is a cultural and technological change among taxpayers.

To celebrate this fact and the fact that Mexican e-invoicing is celebrating its tenth year of existence, Amexipac is organising the first International Forum on Digital Tax Administration and Electronic Invoicing.

Gerardo Ruiz Rocha, secretary of the Mexican Association of Authorized Certification Provider (Amexipac), said that there is much interest in the world to know the Mexican model of e-invoicing; so the event will be attended by companies from Europe and South America that are interested in this domain.

  • “Advances in Mexico e-Invoicing attract attention worldwide, as we are not the only country that had problems collecting and auditing; today we are a success story that yes you can do well.”

  • “The task in the country is exploring the benefits of electronic invoicing and will take over a year to adapt to cultural population changes and leave behind the resistance. To achieve this objective, authorized certification providers (PAC) have worked with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to provide taxpayers electronic billing services and solutions.”


Adoption per 1 February 2014

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