METRO SYSTEMS optimizes its data exchange with Comarch EDI

August 18, 2016  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

METRO SYSTEMS – the IT service provider of METRO GROUP has chosen Comarch EDI as its new EDI supplier. During the project the entire EDI communication of 234 hypermarkets and more than 20,000 distributors in 24 countries has been migrated onto the global platform of Comarch EDI.

METRO has chosen COMARCH EDI because of better business opportunities. The main objective of the change was to optimise the cooperation between suppliers and their ERP systems. Comarch EDI provides information on orders, shipments and goods receipts and has EDI Invoicing module which can be integrated with other EDI Solutions.

In addition, electronic documents guarantee the security of data transmission and prevent errors caused by manual data entry. The significant advantage of Comarch EDI is the reduction of paper documents and the associated reduction of operating costs.

Gabriele Timm, Provider Management Officer at METRO SYSTEMS:
“The employees in our markets are in touch with numerous suppliers and solve hundreds of orders every day. Therefore, continuity and efficiency in document exchange with suppliers is so important, especially if the documents exchanged refer to orders that are realized within a few hours of the same day. For errors or misunderstandings is no place. The processing of paper documents would be extremely difficult to coordinate, time-consuming and problematic – which is why we had an EDI solution in use. The Comarch EDI has significantly improved business communications by METRO SYSTEMS with suppliers. Moreover, it allows us a faster decision-making and appropriate responses to the changing business environment, ”

Comarch EDI guarantees the accuracy of the data stream between the METRO GROUP and its suppliers. At the same time, the system allows the integration of all formats used in various data sources and processes, such as EDIFACT, flat file, WebEDI and Classic EDI and converts the document format into a suitable for the partner format and the formats of the partners to the format used by METRO.



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