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    • AcceptEasy

      AcceptEasy lets companies offer their customers payments, mandates and verifications through all digital channels. Many companies across many industries rely on AcceptEasy to transform billing & collections, strea... Read more

    • B2B Router

      B2B Router is an online solution that enables companies to send electronic documents through the Pan-European PEPPOL network, recommended by public administrations in Europe an... Read more

    • Basware
      Basware provides open, secure, cloud-based purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions to organizations of all sizes, resulting in greater efficiencies in procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Companies... Read more
    • Buzon E

      Buzón E is a Mexican subsidiary of Grupo Estafeta, focused on automating and optimizing business processes (BPM) and processes which involve the exchange of tax and non-tax electronic documents in order to help compa... Read more

    • Cegedim e-business
      Your European partner for robust electronic documents and data flows. A dematerialization specialist since 1989, Cegedim designs, develops and markets products and services in the areas of compliant e-invoicing, legally... Read more
    • CloudTrade

      CloudTrade is one of the fastest growing e-invoice and e-document networks, connecting over 120 organisations to thousands of their trading partners electronically across numerous sectors and regions across the globe.... Read more

    • Comarch

      Comarch is a manufacturer and integrator of IT solutions. Since 1993, Comarch helps clients to achieve greater profitability and to advance in their specific sectors with a wide range of innovative products, solutions... Read more

    • Corcentric

      Corcentric is a leader in cloud-based financial process automation solutions including accounts payable and accounts receivable, e-invoicing, credit and collections management, working capital management, and reportin... Read more

    • D Soft
      D Soft is located in Belgium, is specialised in E-Forms, E-Delivery, E-Contracting and E-Invoice solutions. DocTrails is our e-invoicing solution that is used by enterprises like ArcelorMittal, Zevij Delta Portal. DocTra... Read more
    • Edicom
      Edicom is a company dedicated to the development and implantation of high performance business-to-business (B2B) transaction systems. Specialists in consulting and EDI software development (applications and processes) a... Read more
    • EESPA
      EESPA, the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association, is an international not-for-profit trade association. Members of EESPA share a common vision and a commitment to supporting the adoption of e-invoicing based... Read more
    • eFinans
      eFinans was established in partnership of Finansbank, the youngest and the most dynamic bank of Turkey and Cybersoft, the strong software company. eFinans provides its customers online operational solutions for: integra... Read more
    • First B2B

      At First B2B, they are totally dedicated to business to business document exchange and committed to delivering innovative fully managed solutions within this arena. First B2B are a wholly owned subsidiary of Electroni... Read more

    • Foriba

      As FIT Solutions we have been leading the electronic transformation by closely following the global trends since 1999. Now we maintain begin in the most innovative software firms of digital world with its innovative s... Read more

    • ISProjects
      ISProjects develop standard products that support your business in the process of order to payment. The solutions from ISProjects are fully web-enabled, making the cost-of-ownership low and a quick rollout possible. The... Read more
    • Logo E-business

      e-Logo is Turkey's most preferred digital transformation solution partner with 25% market share. e-Logo provides excellent service to all companies from smallest enterprises to large enterprise customers in its custom... Read more

    • Order2Cash (previously: Anachron)
      Order2Cash is a pioneering provider of global order to cash optimization services. Its solutions empower the work of Fortune 500 companies and mid-sized enterprises across the globe, enabling them to accelerate their ord... Read more
    • others
      This section of the E-invoicing Platform displays content on e-invoicing, AP automation, e-procurement and payments that could not be connected to any of the sponsor or to the editorial section of the E-invoicing Platfor... Read more
    • Pagero

      Pagero connects ERP systems (eg. financial, order, purchasing systems) digitally with each other. Their e-order and e-invoice services help businesses to streamline operations throughout the entire order-to-pay proces... Read more

    • Palette Software
      PaletteInvoice is a solution for electronic processing of supplier invoices. As a component of the PaletteArena family of products it is recognized as the most advanced and flexible fully web based system in the market t... Read more
    • Proquro
      Proquro purchasing software allows you to realize professional procurement policies. You gain more control over your purchasing process, a clear insight into all purchasing contracts and extensive opportunities to guide ... Read more
    • S4FN

      S4FN is all about e-transformation services to create SAP add-ons on ERP systems for financial solutions. Their main consideration is at SAP financial applications, adaptation of process and compatible integration. Th... Read more

    • Saphety

      Saphety is a Global Network Solutions provider that boosts organizations' efficiency and reliability.

      Saphety is a leading company in solutions for electronic documen... Read more


      SNI is a computer technology corporation focused on e-invoicing, SAF-T, e-ledger, e-archive and other interfaces&technologies. We provide solutions and services that reduce the risk and cost of maintaining complia... Read more

    • Sovos
      Sovos is the leader in Latin American eInvoicing and operates the Global Compliance Network, a cloud-based platform that delivers financial and supply chain managers the regulatory processes that they need while eliminat... Read more
    • Taulia

      Taulia provides cloud-based invoice, payment and dynamic discounting management solutions that revolutionize the way businesses interact and partner with each other. Taulia is headquartered in San Francisco, with offi... Read more

    • TIE Kinetix
      For TIE Kinetix, EDI has no more secrets. Thousands of customers daily use TIE Kinetix software and daily exchange many trade transactions. Clear language, short-term implementation, good support. Those are basic terms w... Read more
    • TrueCommerce

      TrueCommerce in Europe is the brand name that brings together three market leading EDI vendors in Europe: Wesupply, Atlas Products and HighJump B2Bi. TrueCommerce Europe delivers the next generation of EDI and ... Read more

    • Trustweaver

      TrustWeaver is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and provides tools that facilitate compliance and auditability of business documents and processes through innovative electronic signature-based ... Read more

    • UnifiedPost

      The use of digital technologies transforms these conventional business processes. However, research shows that over 70% of these digital transformation initiatives fail, resulting in increased costs and unhappy custom... Read more

    • Vereon AG

      E-Invoicing has become an important topic around the world. With new government initiatives ahead, a diversity of challenges need to be faced and E-Invoicing is being implemented at a very fast pace in order for gover... Read more

    • Workflowwise
      At WorkFlowWise, we work with companies to unlock their digital advantage. Our cloud-based workflow apps and solutions become a key to success. They combine operational efficiency with business outcomes. We take workf... Read more
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