Medius sells its ERP consulting business focuses on cloud-based AP invoice automation

Medius is selling its Microsoft Dynamics ERP consulting business, Medius Dynamics AB, to Danish IT group EG in order to put a sharper focus on its objective to be the leader in cloud-based AP invoice automation. Medius Dynamics AB is a Microsoft ERP Gold partner and has over 40 employees at three locations in Sweden: Stockholm, Linköping and Eskilstuna.

Mikael Lindblom, CEO of Medius:

“Both AP invoice automation and ERP are a part of our roots, but over the years, these two business lines have increasingly become two parallel tracks in our business. We have chosen to sell off our ERP system consulting business in order to streamline our operations and simultaneously enable both business lines to experience the best growth possible. We are confident that EG is capable of further accelerating the strong growth Medius Dynamics has experienced. Medius can now fully focus on being the leading supplier in the world of cloud-based AP invoice automation solutions. Our business growing by 30% and a cloud business growing much faster are clear examples of that we are already well on our way to getting there,”

Martin Kåver, MD of Medius Dynamics AB:

“We have had an outstanding growth as a part of Medius Group and is already one of the leading ERP consultants in Sweden, but this structural change gives us additional tools to meet our long-term objectives. The market for ERP consultants has changed and both the clients and the solutions require increasingly bigger partners with greater excellence. So, even though we have both experienced strong growth and been in a good environment in the Medius Group, I am confident that our new environment, with 1.600 people and a strong solution portfolio in which ERP is the core, is just the right thing for our future growth. We will also add clear value for EG with our cutting-edge expertise in retail and our size in Stockholm,”

Leif Vestergaard, CEO of EG:

“Medius Dynamics is a team of extremely talented consultants and an excellent addition to our current business, which especially gives us a boost in retail, but also in manufacturing. Customers will experience more consultants and a larger presence in the Swedish Dynamics AX market, especially in the Stockholm area, ”

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