Mandatory e-invoicing is a real shock for Mexican SMEs

For the Mexcican SME taxpayers making electronic invoicing mandatory is somewhat of a radical cultural change en for some of them, a bit awkward, according to the Mexican Association Authorized Certification Providers (Amexipac).

The organization representing Authorized Certification Providers (PAC), said that for some of these taxpayers it is more comfortable to remain outside the technological evolution, even though it is inevitable in tax matters.

Despite 10 years into the adoption process in Mexico, the electronic invoice remains elusive and incomprehensible for the vast majority of taxpayers. Until now, as it has become mandatory from this year on.

Because of those two aspects, the presence of a trusted third party is the most viable and effective solutions, and hence the essence and reason for the existence of PAC’s: Authorized Certification Providers.

He stressed that the presence of the PAC’s has contributed significantly in the mass adoption of electronic invoicing in Mexico, by creating the infrastructures and providing the technological solutions needed.

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