MACO Door & Window Hardware outsources to Wesupply for a fully managed EDI service

October 1, 2015  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

MACO Door & Window Hardware UK, the leading manufacturer of door and window fittings, has signed an agreement with Wesupply, for an EDI solution to trade initially with one of its key customers with the objective to cascade EDI to its wider client base through 2016 and beyond.

As Wesupply’s OneTime solution will be integrated with MACO’s SAP system, the exchange of orders and invoices will be automated. This will help lower order lead times to the benefit of MACO’s client base and improve the company’s order-to-cash cycle time.


With a strong presence in Europe, a number of MACO’s European divisions are utilising EDI on a daily basis. However, in the UK the company is still reliant on traditional processes, including telephone orders and paper invoices. MACO’s objective is to modernise its UK trading processes by implementing an outsourced EDI solution with a view to improving further the services MACO provide to its client base.

James Duncan, IT Manager, MACO Door & Window Hardware UK:
“We’d use EDI in many of our European divisions but currently do not trade electronically in the UK. As opposed to implementing a solution used by our European divisions, we wanted a UK provider who had experience of the domestic market and could offer faster lead times. After carrying out market research, we established Wesupply are the leading EDI provider for the UK Building sector, we are confident they will provide the service we require for both MACO and our client base.”

Jon Hill, Sales Executive at Wesupply:
“Our outsourced approach means that MACO will not have the burden of maintaining EDI on a daily basis, giving the company the freedom to concentrate on their core business practises. MACO will also benefit from Wesupply’s Managed Service Desk who will monitor the Wesupply platform and proactively deal with any issues that may arise.”


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