Looking for an industry proven EDI service? BOL Foods selected Wesupply. And you?

BOL Food is a quick cook meal business that exists to put a fresh twist on the world’s tastiest dishes. As a recent start up with no current EDI capability, BOL Foods needed a solution that would be easy to use and would not require considerable internal resource to maintain, allowing the company to focus on its core business at this crucial stage.

Automating the processing of orders through a fully integrated EDI solution and fulfilling customers’ requirements were key factors for BOL Foods. With the sole focus of providing a fully outsourced service and a proven track record in the Grocery sector, Wesupply were a perfect fit for BOL’s requirements.

The Wesupply solution will allow BOL Foods to exchange orders, invoices and ASN’s quickly and efficiently with its customers,  whilst also minimising the risk of any issues occurring when sending and receiving messages. BOL will have full visibility of its supply chain through a web portal, which will allow them to view all message quickly and easily. They will also benefit from Wesupply’s managed service team who will monitor the exchange of messages and proactively deal with any issues or problems that may arise.

Ed Duguid, Head of Commercial Finance at BOL Foods:
“Setting up a business isn’t an easy task and we were very conscious that although EDI is critical we could not afford to be distracted from our core business by daily EDI issues. We therefore decided that an outsourced EDI solution would be the best option.With businesses such as Sainsbury’s amongst their client base we were confident that Wesupply could fulfil our requirements. We need a robust, reliable EDI service that will enable us to meet our current requirements, whilst also providing us with the platform we need going forward.”

Matt Wilcock, Senior Sales Executive at Wesupply:
“One of the main issues BOL Foods faced when selecting an EDI solution was finding a provider that could integrate with their Xero accounting software. Wesupply have a proven track record of integrating with most back office applications, including Xero, therefore there were no issues in meeting BOL’s requirements. We look forward to supporting the company as they continue to grow.”


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