Live Demo: Why is Tradeshift so easy to use?

Interested in learning more about Tradeshift solutions? Attend this 30-minute demo and see why customers and experts say Tradeshift is “beautiful” and “easy to use”. During this demo they’ll show you how sophisticated, smart and simple their solutions are.

Their product marketing team will walk you through actual scenarios showing how buyers and suppliers interact with Tradeshift every day. In just 30 minutes you’ll learn:

  • From a supplier’s POV: How easy it is to register for e-invoicing, provide supplier information, and create & submit e-invoices
  • From a buyer’s POV: How easy it is to receive, approve & code invoices, approve supplier information – even communicate directly with suppliers within an invoice
  • What the interaction and communication is like between buyers and suppliers
  • A glimpse of what’s possible with their innovative apps model

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