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January 2014

  1. Liaison Simplifies EDI Trading Partner Management with Athena Community Manager

    Liaison launched their Athena Community Manager. Athena Community Manager is a cloud-based, SaaS portal that allows enterprises to easily manage non-integrated EDI trading partners. It does so by enabling enterprises to log in and run reports against suppliers, view stats and create announcements for suppliers. All within a special hub-facing version of Liaison Athena.

  2. Liaison Technologies Simplifies EDI Trading Partner Management

    Athena Community Manager is a cloud-based, SaaS portal that allows enterprises to easily manage non-integrated EDI trading partners.

    The application allows partners to enter data into web forms, and compares the data in outgoing EDI documents with the enterprise’s specifications to ensure compliance. With Athena Community Manager, enterprises now have oversight of their trading partners’ activities, opening up real-time communication between hubs and suppliers to minimize downstream errors.

July 2013

  1. Liaison Technologies becomes 4th largest VAN provider with 118% volume growth

    Thanks to a strategic partnership Liaison experienced a 118 percent year-over-year volume growth for their Liaison Exchange Network, its Electronic Document Interchange Value-added Network (EDI VAN). As a result of this, Liaison is now rated as the 4th largest provider of EDI VAN services worldwide.

    NewEDI provides EDI VAN service procurement that helps customers leverage excess EDI VAN capacity to achieve even greater scalability and cost efficiency. Over the past year, NewEDI has succeeded in onboarding a number of EDI VAN customers across diverse industries directly onto Liaison’s network.

    With simple “click through” contracts, no minimum spending requirements, no hidden fees, or cancellation penalties, Liaison and NewEDI offer customers the most flexible, hassle-free EDI VAN solution to meet demand while simultaneously reducing costs, particularly for small and medium businesses.

January 2013

  1. One-Click Cloud Connector and Open API Capability for all of Liaison’s solutions

    Liaison’s Delta data translation tool is claimed to remain one of the strongest and most cost-efficient solutions on the market. Liaison’s ECS tool supports multibyte data and when used together they provide a complete EAI solution, capable of coordinating the many diverse applications, databases, and e-commerce formats found across the enterprise.

October 2012

  1. EDI VAN providers need to lower their prices

    EDI VAN stands for Electronic Data Interchange Value Added Network and it’s the subject of Liaison Technologies’ and NewEDI’s recent survey. The survey reveals that mid-market companies believe most EDI VAN providers are using old business models, resulting in higher prices and less value in today’s tougher economic climate.

August 2012

  1. Liaison and Hubspan address customer needs together

    What if you get the unique opportunity to capture a leadership position in your company’s field of operation? You grab it with both hands. This is exactly what Liaison Technologies did with the acquisition of Hubspan. This fits well with the company’s focus on the customer, according to CEO Rob Renner.

  2. Liaison Technologies holds its Oracle Gold Partner Status

    Liaison Technologies decided to renew its membership in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) program to maintain its Oracle Gold Partner status. Its decision signifies Liaison’s commitment to data integration, management and security solutions with full support for Oracle solutions.

July 2012

  1. Mapping data in hours, not days for Philips Healthcare thanks to Contivo

    Find out how Philips found a data mapping solution from Liaison Technologies that drastically cut down mapping times and helped harmonise its middleware platforms by migrating painlessly to SAP PI. Mapping data in hours, not days.

  2. Make connections and data integration easier with any-to-any integration “as a service”

    There are two obstacles to companies that want to exchange data with customers, suppliers or other business relationships: connecting and data integration. To take the hassle out of that, Liaison has announced a broad range of cloud services and on-premises applications within its Data Aware Cloud Services Brokerage Platform.

June 2012

  1. Liaison is on a roll: buys nuBridges and receives USD 30 million funding

    As you all probably know, Liaison Technologies, provides business integration and data management services. Recent news is that it raised the funding from undisclosed investors last May and bought nuBridges in April. Needles to say that Liaison is on a roll