Large enterprises trust Edicom to handle their Mexican CFDIs

large enterprise Large enterprises trust Edicom to handle their Mexican CFDIsEdicom is an ACP in Mexico. Just so you know. Oh, you have no idea what we’re talking about? Sorry, we’ll explain. An ACP is an Authorized Certification Provider and plays a vital role in the e-invoicing processes in Mexico. As an ACP Edicom validates the document created, certifies it and declares it to the country’s tax authorities. So without them (and others), it’s a no-go if you want to e-invoice in Mexico. But the system is working, because 669,323,719 CFDIs (Digital Tax Invoices) have been issued in the country.

Edicom has strong position in market

Edicom became the first authorized ACP in Mexico, gaining this accreditation in November 2010. Since then, Edicom has strengthened its position in the market as one of the country’s major ACPs, with rising figures confirming a growing trend in the number of CFDIs issued by the certification service. Comparing Edicom’s CFDI issuance details with the statistics from the SAT shows that it is one of the country’s main issuers, with a total of 55,956,133 CFDIs up till 2013.

The largest choose Edicom

The more than 669 million CFDIs issued and cited in this analysis were generated by a total of 581,924 taxpayers. We have identified how 8% of these invoices are certified by Edicom, when actually only 2,830 taxpayers (less than 1% of the total) are users of the service provided by Edicom. These data suggest that the businesses using CFDI issuance services and opting for Edicom coincide with the largest issuers of electronic invoicing in the country and therefore some of the largest enterprises in the world.

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