Kewill buys LeanLogistics: becomes their largest office

Kewill, has acquired LeanLogistics from parent Brambles, Limited. Their cloud-based platform reliably manages and optimizes over $10 billion of annualized freight spend for their customers. LeanLogistics, located in Holland, Michigan will become Kewill’s largest office.

Doug Braun, CEO of Kewill:
“We are absolutely thrilled to have LeanLogistics join the Kewill team. Their solutions are feature rich, highly scalable and managed by a skilled team and we are excited to support the ongoing growth and investment in LeanLogistic’s platform. We believe our global platform will help accelerate LeanLogistics already impressive growth through leveraging our extensive European and Asian networks.”

Dan Dershem, President and CEO of LeanLogistics:
“Our tenure with Brambles has provided us the opportunity to invest in our solution, expand into different countries, and has been a tremendous learning experience, but as we strive to deliver value for our customers every day, there is power in combining with a global supply chain execution company. The global transportation market is ready for a clear leader.”

Kewill MOVE® is a comprehensive supply chain platform that enables shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and customs brokers to move product around the globe. The MOVE platform provides additional components currently unavailable in LeanTMS.

Jim Hoefflin, President & COO of Kewill:
“We see LeanTMS as a huge step forward for Kewill. New components, like LeanDex for freight rate indexing, have applicability across many of our 7,500 customers. And when you combine our two carrier networks, we will have by far the largest in North America.”

Chris Timmer, Chief Commercial Officer of LeanLogistics:
“We believe we can quickly integrate some key capabilities into LeanTMS such as yard management, deficit rating, shipment tracking and settlement for rail, to more comprehensively serve the needs of our customers. We also see the opportunity to accelerate our parcel functionality while being able to add entirely new customs and compliance capabilities.”


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