Jordan launches nationwide electronic billing and payment platform: eFawateerCom

Jordan has introduced eFawateerCom. This is a nationwide electronic bill presentment and payment platform that lets people receive and pay their bills electronically from computers, ATMs and POS terminals from all over the country.

The service will allow beneficiaries to cover electricity, phone, water, education, healthcare, travel and tourism, e-commerce and insurance bills, in addition to government fines, property taxes and other fees. Those with bank accounts will be able to see their bills the moment they are issued and can settle them online immediately. All banks in Jordan will be connected to the software.

The eFawateerCom electronic bill presentment and payment system officially launched this month following a pilot involving three local banks and three billers. Most of the large Jordanian billers are “expected” to join eFawateerCom within the next 12-16 months. Meanwhile the Jordan government will use the platform to manage customs duties and taxes, again combating tax avoidance.

But not just combating tax avoidance , the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) also hopes that the move to the electronic billing and payment platform will cut the country’s reliance on paper statements and invoices, as well as create a more efficient economy.

Maha Bahou, executive manager, payment systems and domestic banking operations department, CBJ: “We at the Central Bank believe that this system will become a great example to other countries that also wish to accelerate electronic payments in their economies.”

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