Jordan adopts Korean e-procurement system

February 20, 2017  |  Asia, Europe, Procurement

The Korean Online E-procurement System (KONEPS), has been officially adopted by Jordan for a pilot. Jordan is the first Middle Eastern country to launch the KONEPS program.

The new system was developed under the direction of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Public Procurement Service (PPS), with USD 8.5 million in funding from Korea’s official development assistance (ODA) program.

The system consolidates services that include an e-procurement web portal, online bids for tender, electronic contracts, and online shopping malls. Together, these make it possible to carry out procurement tasks, like registering businesses and settling payments, all at one website.

The Korean Public Procurement Service (PPS)  and the Jordanian General Supplies Department signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to:

  • cooperate on providing technical counsel for e-procurement enhancement and management;
  • share e-procurement systems through professional networks;
  • offer workshops and training programs to expand best practices in e-procurement;
  • strengthen public e-procurement through joint exhibits.

The head of the PPS, Chung Yangho, said that the adoption of the online e-procurement system in Jordan would bring about positive changes, like increasing transparency and lowering transaction costs: “With Jordan as our starting point, we hope to share our e-procurement system with more countries in the Middle East,” he said.


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