It is time to accelerate towards full digitisation [Opinion]

April 25, 2014  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

It is time to accelerate towards full digitisation [Opinion]With the EU Parliament’s approval of a European standard for e-invoicing in public procurement, we got one step closer to the creation of a true digital single market in Europe. Now, it is time to accelerate the journey towards full digitisation, writes Martin Hurley in his article “Removing barriers to e-invoicing” at EurActiv.

Martin Hurley is the vice president and general manager of outsourcing services at Ricoh Europe, a technology company specialised in office equipment. He concludes his opinion piece with:

The next step for European businesses is to accelerate their journey towards full digitisation. This begins with reviewing existing processes, technology systems and ways of working. Once these requirements have been optimised, leaders will soon realise the financial, operational and reputational benefits of business in the digital age. Changing business-critical document processes requires the right expertise and change management programmes. It is important to remove complications and manage the process, without impacting on day-to-day core business activities. Organisations should gain advice from, and entrust the task to, a document process expert who can manage the transition from paper to electronic invoices on their behalf, leaving them to focus on what they do best.”

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