ISIS Papyrus joins the OASIS group as Foundational Sponsor

March 4, 2010  |  Featured Articles

ISIS Papyrus has joined the OASIS group as Foundational Sponsor and demonstrates the highest level of commitment to open standards. With its support in advancing the work of OASIS, ISIS Papyrus enables the Consortium to fulfill its mission.
In the interest of our customers ISIS Papyrus will try to help move standards on SOA, XML(UBL, ebXML, IDtrust) and BPM forward.

ISIS Papyrus participates as one of the leading parties in the development of Adaptive Case Management (ACM) within the Workflow Management Coalition. ACM provides the knowledge worker an adaptive process environment as opposite to traditional BPM that puts the knowledge worker into a straightjacket. Non-repeated, unpredictable, emergent work that requires knowledge work is everywhere: Court cases, disputes on invoices, procurement, audits, coordination, help desk, hiring to name a few requires adaptability in the execution.

ISIS Papyrus delivers an ACM solution framework that Papyrus Webrepository users can import, change and extend to their needs. BPMN 2.0 compatible but not a blackbox as traditional BPM vendors sell.

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