ISIS Papyrus gives electricity provider energy to streamline merger

The Energy Corporation produces 76 billion kilowatt hours of energy for 4.5 million customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 76 billion kilowatt hours, that’s a whole lot of light bulbs burning for a very long time. A vast stream of invoices is the inevitable result of big numbers like these. So, when the company went through a merger in 2001 the decision was made to switch all operating systems to SAP R3 for business applications and the ISIS Papyrus Document System for billing.

Motivations for innovations

Motivation: Rapid development and ease of handling SAP data and producing high volume utility bills and notices for multiple operating companies.

Innovation: Enhancing corporate identity and customer communications along with maximising postal discount processing and multi-channel output for integrating with other systems (EBPP, EDI, EFT, …).

Solution: Papyrus Document Solution for designing and formatting utility statements and notices.

Benefits during merger and implementation

  • Support of merger objectives (e.g. speed, cost effectiveness, minimisation of new investments, maintaining customer satisfaction).
  • Minimise investment in new solutions for merged billing operations.
  • Productivity gains from the use of existing skill-sets and experience with SAP and ISIS Papyrus.
  • Rapid Development of initial applications as well as changes for merged operations.
  • Flexibility of Data Interfaces including how efficiently Papyrus handles the SAP RDI data files.
  • How easily and quickly developers can make changes to applications.
  • Ease of integration with postal processing, archiving software and other print management applications.

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