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September 2012

  1. ISIS Papyrus gives electricity provider energy to streamline merger

    The Energy Corporation produces 76 billion kilowatt hours of energy. A vast stream of invoices is the inevitable result of big numbers like these. So, when the company went through a merger in 2001 the decision was made to switch all operating systems to SAP R3 for business applications and the ISIS Papyrus Document System for billing.

March 2012

  1. Next Generation PDF Interactive E-Statements. In China

    An extremely innovative solution from ISIS Papyrus for the China Trust Bank. With it the China Trust Bank has achieved an adoption degree of 24% within 3 months now sending 60,000 emails per day on average. The e-statement is completely personalized and contains customized video marketing messages. The click-rate on the marketing messages will be monitored daily and marketing messages can be exchanged per run

October 2011

  1. Pay your pay slips and SEPA slips using your iPhone

    Pay slips and SEPA slips using your iPhone by making a photo and processing the payment directly via online banking

January 2011

  1. Case Study: Banking group optimizes payment processing with ISIS Papyrus

    A scalable Papyrus capture solution automates distributed document recording

December 2010

  1. E-Documents: Cost savings and simplified compliance bij ISIS Papyrus

    Watch the ISIS Papyrus presentation

  2. ISIS Papyrus: WebArchive goes mobile with iPhone

    Recent development is part of the new strategy of ISIS Papyrus to support mobile applications

  3. Case Study: Internet Banking with ISIS Papyrus

    ISIS works with one of the biggest banks with branch offices in Germany

March 2010

  1. Isis Papyrus organises Open House and User Conference

    In 2010, ISIS Papyrus energizes its third decade of innovation and excellence. From humble beginnings in a basement home office, ISIS Papyrus is now a global organization with 16 subsidiaries, 3 development centers and over 2000 clients.
    They all use Papyrus Software for corporate business correspondence, transactional documents, business process management, multi-channel output
    management, document capture and […]

  2. ISIS Papyrus’ vision on electronic invoicing

    New publication contains diversity of best practices from companies worldwide

  3. ISIS Papyrus joins the OASIS group as Foundational Sponsor

    ISIS Papyrus enables the coalition to fulfill its mission in advancing the work of OASIS