Is e-invoicing efficiency in Europe possible despite the lack of standards?

Basware230x200There is a general industry consensus that the lack of e-invoicing standards is hindering the uptake of e-invoicing in Europe.

At Basware, we agree that standards are important for businesses and the industry as a whole as they enable customers and service providers to develop and adopt e-invoicing services. However, it is unlikely there will ever truly be one cohesive set of standards and therefore another approach is required if businesses in Europe are able to take advantage of e-invoicing.

The shortage of standards is not through a lack of intent in the industry, but the continual evolution means changes will always be made, new ones developed, and old ones will fall by the wayside. This means that everyone needs to be able to manage multiple invoicing standards which exist as part of our everyday business lives – whether they are national or regional standards.

Part of our ethos is that while customers should be aware of the different e-invoicing standards and formats, it’s not something that they should have to worry about – our solutions solve these potential logistical headaches.

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