Invoiceware Updates SAP Rapid Deployment Templates

Invoiceware International extends their SAP ERP Rapid Deployment Templates to manage Brazil’s new processes for Nota Fiscal cancellations, the entire eventos process to support Manifestação do Destinatário, the changes to the ICMS tax rate, and the Manifesto de Documentos Electronico used for internal shipping procedures. Additionally, Invoiceware’s Mexico CFDI solution for SAP has been configured to manage the inbound XML validations and archiving which the Mexico SAT made mandatory in their December 2012 announcements.

The Invoiceware International solution features:

  • Multiple Countries on a Single Platform:
    – Brazil Nota Fiscal for Goods (NFe)
    – Brazil Nota Fiscal for Services (NFS-e)
    – Brazil Nota Fiscal for Transportation Invoices (CTe)
    – Mexico CFD
    – Mexico CFDI
    – Argentina AFIP

And more…

  • Deep ERP Integration with Rapid Deployment Templates – Compliance mandates, such as those in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, are complex business processes that require process configurations to the internal ERP system. Unfortunately, this is the most underestimated part of any project. By pre-packaging the ERP configuration, integration, and operations into a Rapid Deployment Template; Invoiceware International eliminates the project and IT burdens today, as well as in the future when changes occur again.
  • Guaranteed Compliance – The network, as well as, the ERP templates are kept compliant with all changes as part of the managed service.
  • Enterprise Support – Local teams can provide support in Spanish and Portuguese, while global teams and corporate headquarters can access in English.

Visit to learn more about Latin American E-Invoicing for SAP ERP.

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