Invoiceware International Launches LATAM Supply Chain Finance Platform [UPDATED]

Processing more than $84 billion annually on its business network, Invoiceware is the first Latin American financial compliance platform to proactively combine government regulations and the power of the cloud to deliver value-added opportunities to both suppliers and buyers across the region.

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In addition to ensuring Global 2000 and Fortune 500 companies maintain e-invoicing compliance and reduce the risk of audits through accurate tax reporting, Invoiceware now enhances supply chain financing opportunities through automation. Invoiceware’s supply chain financing solution lowers the cost of payment processing for buyers while providing suppliers greater access to liquidity.

Invoiceware International’s supply chain financing solution delivers supplier liquidity through:

  •  “Pay Me Now” Option: Suppliers have the ability to convert their invoices into cash within hours, instead of months.
  •  Flexibility in Choosing Which Invoices to Pay: Unlike traditional factoring, all suppliers, regardless of credit, have the freedom to pick and choose which invoices to pay based on their unique cash flow needs, payment terms and billing cycles.
  •  Lower Cost of Capital: Supplier stability is ensured in emerging markets with all suppliers having access to capital at a much lower rate than they would with traditional factoring.

Invoiceware International’s supply chain financing solution provides buyers the opportunities to:

  • Enhance Existing Compliance: Multinationals are able to add value and take advantage of strategic opportunities through their existing compliance platforms used for government validations and tax reporting accuracy.
  • Ensure Materials Are Available: By increasing free cash flow in the market and stabilizing supply chains, buyers warrant that materials for key manufacturing facilities are readily available.
  • Reduce Accounts Payable Costs: With automated 3-Way matching of regional e-invoices, the processing costs associated with accounts payable are reduced; additionally suppliers no longer need to inquire about payment status, since status is displayed on the supplier’s portal.

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Rationale of Supply Chain Finance services in LATAM countries

Today, 95 percent of transactions are electronic, as mandated by governments in countries across Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico. Recent regulations imposing standardized government reporting formats and approval processes have required a high degree of automation resulting in a longer financing window.

Invoiceware’s solution offers an “Okay To Pay” component for real-time transactions, speeding up the payment window from several weeks to hours. Backed by leading global financial institutions, Invoiceware is empowered to ensure liquidity to Latin American supply chains and enhance cash flow across the region, providing benefits to both buyers and suppliers.

Scott Lewin, president & CEO, Invoiceware International:
“Multinationals often view LATAM government mandates simply as a constant cost of doing business. When in reality, this legislation opens up unprecedented working capital opportunities across the region. With the release of our supply chain financing solution, Invoiceware is converting compliance processes into valuable business opportunities and optimizing cash flow across the entire region, further strengthening the local manufacturing investments executives are making these emerging market economies.”

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