Invoiceware International expands SAP Hybrid Cloud Service to support Peru SUNAT

Invoiceware International has expanded its service to support companies required by Peru’s tax authority to rollout electronic invoicing in 2015.  As the only solution that supports the full scope of mandated processes native to SAP ERP in Peru, which includes integrating the sending and receiving of electronic invoices and other required documents with the Peru Tax Authority as well as tax reporting integration, Invoiceware International empowers companies to maintain complete compliance within one single platform.  

Superintendencia Nacional de Administracion Tributaria (SUNAT)

Beginning in October 2014, the Superintendencia Nacional de Administracion Tributaria (SUNAT) reached out to its first group of multinational companies – 239 in total – requiring them to issue electronic invoices, credit and debit notes, final consumer invoices and an electronic bill of lading. This rollout will continue in the first half of 2015 with the addition of 5,250 companies, and a third group of 750 companies being forced to comply in July of this year. Peru’s taxing authority, the SUNAT, selected multinational companies for this regulation based on their level of national tax payments, with various stages of the rollout applying to different levels.

Scott Lewin, President & CEO of Invoiceware International:
“The companies affected by Peru’s new e-invoicing mandate must run every invoice they generate through the government approval process. Inaccurate invoices or submission errors can cause significant business disruptions, but with Invoiceware International, our clients operating in Peru will benefit from a complete end-to-end solution that integrates with their existing SAP ERP systems to maintain compliance at a single, fixed cost.”

Invoiceware International’s latest compliance solution for Peru provides:

  • Turnkey E-invoicing & Reporting Configuration – Invoiceware eliminates the configuration issues that are often the biggest hurdle during a migration from paper to electronic documentation. For Peru, this includes invoice generation, inbound tax liability validations, automated contingency and integrated Libros report extract programs to ensure data accuracy.
  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Fiscal Reporting in a Single Solution: The new legislation affects receivables, payables and record-to-report processes. Invoiceware packages all modules into a single deployment to ensure full compliance. 
  • Multilingual Certification & Project Management: The SUNAT requires that each company pass compliance tests. Invoiceware’s fixed-cost implementation includes guidance and support through the government processes in both Spanish and English.  
  • Enterprise Support: In an environment where issues can stop trucks from leaving the warehouse or expose companies to millions of dollars in fines, Invoiceware’s multi-lingual support team resolves any issues that arise, through every transaction and report.

Click here for more information about Peru and the SUNAT requirements for 2015.

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