InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e-invoicing

invoicesharing 150x150 InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e invoicingInvoiceSharing is announced as the latest member of the SimplerInvoicing network of 15 Dutch software companies and e-invoicing service providers. The primary aim of the collaboration is to realize a broad acceptance, standardisation and, as a result, implementation of e-invoicing. By joining forces, the use of electronic invoices becomes easier for any organisation.

About InvoiceSharing

InvoiceSharing believes in the end of paper invoices and combines unique technology with a disruptive business model. InvoiceSharing is developing a platform where anybody can send and receive free electronic invoices. There is only one transparent payment point, where a significant added value is delivered. InvoiceSharing is partly the result of collaboration with Intrakoop, making electronic invoices available to Dutch healthcare organizations and provide a platform to receive free electronic invoices from their many suppliers.

On December 2, an important announcement will be made by InvoiceSharing that will change the landscape of electronic invoices significantly.

About SimplerInvoicing

SimplerInvoicing is a network of software companies and e-invoicing service providers, including the Dutch government, enabling the exchange of electronic invoices between ERP software applications and e-invoicing service providers. SimplerInvoicing facilitates a platform for organizations to use the services of the fifteen members for both sending and receiving of electronic invoices.


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