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April 2014

  1. TNW Europe selects InvoiceSharing for its Boost program

    TNW Europe selects InvoiceSharing for its Boost programThe Next Web Europe today announced that it had selected financial services marketplace InvoiceSharing for its Boost program, co-hosted with partner WeTransfer.

    Boost is a brand new TNW program dedicated to accelerating, growing and supporting the most promising startups from all over the world. The selected companies will be featured at the TNW Europe Conference 2014 in Amsterdam where they will join industry leading speakers and attendees from all over Europe.

January 2014

  1. How Getting Your Vendors on Your E-Invoicing System Really Works

    When you’re constantly receiving invoices from the vendors you work with, it can be a nightmare. Everyone’s got different payment terms and accepts different forms of payment, and you have to keep track of who to pay when and how. Needless to say, it’s a lot to juggle.

    It doesn’t have to be, though. Electronic invoices can cut down on your admin work, save you time, and get your vendors paid when they want to be paid. Everyone’s happy!

December 2013

  1. InvoiceSharing Makes Electronic Invoicing 100% Free and Premium. Guaranteed!

    As of today electronic invoicing is fully free from anywhere in the world. InvoiceSharing is the first company to make the total process free, that is: from sending electronic invoices to importing them into financial accounting.

    A revolutionary innovation that is available to any company as of today. A business model considered ‘impossible’ by the industry is now the new reality. A revolution for providers of paid electronic invoices. Integration to any financial system is free. Sending and receiving of invoices is also free. The entire process is accredited by the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

November 2013

  1. InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e-invoicing

    InvoiceSharing is announced as the latest member of the SimplerInvoicing network of 15 Dutch software companies and e-invoicing service providers. The primary aim of the collaboration is to realize a broad acceptance, standardisation and, as a result, implementation of e-invoicing. By joining forces, the use of electronic invoices becomes easier for any organisation.

    InvoiceSharing believes in the end of paper invoices and combines unique technology with a disruptive business model. InvoiceSharing is developing a platform where anybody can send and receive free electronic invoices.