Introducing: First B2B, Limitless Electronic Document Exchange

We are yet again proud to present to you First B2B, that decided to join the E-invoicing Platform. At First B2B, they are totally dedicated to business to business document exchange and committed to delivering innovative fully managed solutions within this arena.

First B2B is a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Commerce Group Limited,  a privately owned company focussed on their clients, not venture capitalists. Since their inception in 2001, they have strived to be at the forefront of the EDI market to ensure our clients benefit from the latest technology at all times.

Without question, the EDI market is awash with jargon and often unnecessary complexities that confuse and concern business managers. For this reason, they pride themselves on making the transition to electronic trading as simple as possible. They achieve this by providing their clients with access to our robust, flexible and proven solutions delivered via SAAS (software as a service) technology.

All backed-up by by service, implementation and support processes that are unique within our industry in being accredited to the ISO9001:2008 quality standard. Their solutions are being utilised across the globe and are processing millions of transactions each year. Their live trading list demonstrates the extent of their big community.

Ultimately, by partnering with First B2B you will have immediate access to:

  • Groundbreaking products, solutions and services, delivered on a fully-managed basis
  • Projects that are fixed priced and take the load off your IT Team
  • Rapid and demonstrable return on your Investment
  • Rapid cross-community implementation
  • Fixed fee, any-to-any message translation services
  • A team of people that live and breathe EDI
  • A team that will look at the entire range of possibilities for data integration, not just getting a few invoices in electronically

To find out how they van help your business, please call Ian Ford at +44 (0) 1246 310000 or complete their contact form.

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