Indonesia tests e-Billing for tax payments

September 4, 2013  |  Asia, Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Indonesia’s Directorate General of Tax (DJP), Ministry of Finance has introduced electronic billing for tax payments or e-Billing, in order to minimise human error and cut the queues.

The e-Billing service is currently available in testing mode to those taxpayers registered in regional DJP offices in Jakarta and West Java, and large taxpayers. They will need to register at using their Tax Identification Number (TIN). Upon registration, users can fill out their personal details which will be stored by the system, and can then obtain a billing code from the system.

Making payments

Payment can be made at post offices or banks by providing the billing code. Alternatively, ATMs and internet banking can also be used by entering the billing code, although this can currently be done only at Bank Mandiri, Indonesia’s largest bank. If payment is made through a teller, the ‘Receipt of State’ will serve as proof of payment. If payment is done through an ATM or internet banking, the transaction receipt or electronic receipt will be the proof of payment, respectively.

Other services

Currently, a number of other services are also provided by the DJP on its website. These include e-Registration to obtain a TIN, and e-Filing and e-SPT for tax returns. Going forward, the DJP plans to introduce a single sign-on system for access to all electronic services and applications provided by it.

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