Indian Power Corporation to open 168 additional online billing centres

June 15, 2012  |  Asia, Government

Ah, the definition of e-billing and e-invoicing. Driven by –commercial- interests a massive set of diverging definitions is now part of our global adoption heritage. Great. We are of course aware of most of the definitions. No wonder, if you read through hundreds of post each day. Like we do.

And going through the harvest of today we found a new addition to the domain of online billing: physical online billing centres. Huh? What is going one here?

168 online billing centres

Driven by the success of their online billing services, the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) decided to soon open another set of online payment facilities at 168 centres across India.

Officials say that 168 more centres would be added in a phased manner to the already existing 32 centres. In the next phase, UPPCL is also working at initiating a process wherein consumer complaints would be taken on e-mails and through SMSs.

How the online billing centre works

After extensive research we believe that these billing centres are not of the physical type. It doesn’t sound logical either: physical online billing centres.

We believe that the extension means that online bill payment functionality will become available for another 168 cities/regions in India.


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