In 2014 over 130 companies connected with Anachron’s InvoicePortal

Anachron Order2Cash solution was adopted by more than 130 companies across Europe in 2014. Launched in November 2013, InvoicePortal is a unique end-to-end order to cash solution, combining credit management, financing, e-Invoicing and document management services. These are the things Anachron has built its reputation on.

Utilizing its powerful credit management functionalities can also help customers to quickly inform their business decisions, minimize risk and accelerate their entire receivables process. Connecting buyers and suppliers through that same solution makes it easier for companies to forge deeper, stronger business relationships. This helps them to save costs across their organization, reduce Day Sales Outstanding and improve their bottom lines.

Frank Hoekstra, CEO at Anachron:
“InvoicePortal’s first year has been a resounding success. Customers are attracted to the platform because of its complete range of receivables focused functionality, combined with the high level of service we are renowned for. As a fully featured cloud based platform it provides businesses with instant access to the tools they need to fulfil their business objectives.”

“We are delighted with the rate of adoption InvoicePortal is witnessing. Customers will be excited by our continuous development plans for the platform, which include expanding our connections to a variety of B2G roaming networks in 2015 and much more. As its impact widens, we look forward to continued and greater success for this truly ground breaking platform.”

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