How Zero Becomes the Winning Number for Accounts Payable

May 19, 2015  |  Events, Invoice Automation

Being able to remove the number of times invoices are touched in the approval processes and using that to increase efficiencies should be the goal of any Accounts Payable department. Getting that number to zero touches (or anything close to that figure) can help optimize your entire approval workflow

Rob DeVincent, Vice President of Product Development for Corcentric, uses this one-hour live Webinar to explore the five steps in your invoice approval process that become more efficient due to the reduced need for processor involvement. Attendees will discover how getting down to zero can speed up:

1. E-invoicing: Invoices in (with no touches)

2. SmartRouting: Invoices shared (with no touches)

3. Approval Workflow: Invoices signed (with no touches)

4. Matching: Invoices processed (with no touches)

5. Payment: Invoices paid (with no touches)

During the Webinar, DeVincent will reveal insider tips to go along with each of the five steps. This Webinar will also feature a demo of COR360TM, Corcentric’s comprehensive Accounts Payable workflow solution.

For additional information, or to register, please visit: Live Webinar: 5 Steps to ZeroTouch Processing


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