How E-invoicing helped with procurement and PO compliance

Frustrated by the costs and consequences of poor PO compliance and conversion rates, you’re pretty sure the solution lies in automation and electronic invoicing. But that requires process alignment between Procurement and Finance, not to mention your suppliers. And that just seems too overwhelming a task.

There’s hope. When manufacturer NSG Pilkington decided to focus on improving end-to-end processes, they too recognised that the process to bind all stakeholders would be conversion to e-invoicing. Their strategy worked.

Listen to this recorded webinar to hear how they:

  • Aligned Finance and Procurement on a common goal
  • Implemented e-invoicing in the UK, Germany, and Poland
  • Improved their PO conversion rate from 50 percent to 90 percent
  • Leveraged high-quality invoice data to drive touchless processing
  • Encouraged suppliers to use Ariba’s PO Flip service


  • Jonathan Fallows, NSG Pilkington
  • James Tucker, Ariba

Download the webinar

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