“Have you received my invoice? When will it be paid?”

For those of you who work in accounts payable (AP), there are two questions you probably hear so many times during the business day that you likely hear them in your sleep as well.

Thankfully, as part of its solution portfolio, Tungsten Network offers a supplier portal that delivers invoice statuses back to suppliers – regardless of whether those invoices are electronically submitted to the buyer organization through the Tungsten Network, or via other means.

Suppliers can also convert buyer purchase orders into electronic invoices or submit electronic invoices via Tungsten’s online Web Form. And this is all in addition to the most widely used e-Invoicing method, which is through a direct integration between the supplier’s business or ERP system and Tungsten Network.


Source: http://www.tungsten-network.com/TungstenBlog/post/2015/01/15/Answering-the-top-two-questions-asked-of-accounts-payable-before-they%E2%80%99re-even-asked.aspx

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