GXS’s Active Invoices is tax-compliant in Mexico and Brazil

Oh dear, oh dear, e-invoicing in Mexico and Brazil. We’re not even going there anyone. Wait, yes we are, because GXS announced that it has expanded e-invoicing compliance for its Active Invoices with Compliance (AIC) to these two South American countries. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution’s global tax compliance footprint now includes 41 countries across 5 continents. And e-invoicing within some of these countries happens to be subject to strict rules and standards. We’re absolutely not talking about you here, Mexico and Brazil…

Outsourcing the complexity

Using GXS Active Invoices with Compliance, GXS’s customers operating in multiple jurisdictions across the globe have a single solution to maintain tax compliance for electronic invoicing. “Value Added Tax (VAT) is the predominant indirect taxation method for many areas of the world, and a key factor in electronic invoicing is ensuring that each invoice is compliant with local tax authority regulations,” said Nigel Taylor, head of e-Invoicing solutions at GXS. “This can be a complex challenge for companies operating globally. GXS Active Invoices with Compliance allows our customers to outsource this complexity to us as a Managed Service.”

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