Gustaf Fagerberg: A more efficient invoicing process with a virtual printer

Gustaf Fagerberg provides the manufacturing industry in Sweden with technology for controlling, managing and measuring flows. Many of its customers are large Swedish companies that have come a long way with the use of e-invoicing.

For that reason, some of its customers asked to receive e-invoices and Gustaf Lagerberg decided to get on board the digitization train.

Lennart Svensson, Finance Manager at Gustaf Fagerberg:
”We switched to e-invoicing not only because of external demands; we wanted to streamline our own business processes as well. We issue about 10 000 outbound invoices per year and wanted to escape the tedious work of stuffing and stamping envelopes for example. There are three people at our company that use Pagero Online and everyone thinks the invoicing process is much easier now. The only thing we have to do is to print to a virtual printer and then the whole invoice issuing process is completed. This is a huge difference compared to how it used to be.”


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