Give the EC your view on e-invoicing in public procurement!

We all know by now why e-invoicing still only accounts for a small fraction of all invoicing activities in the European Union: a huge lack of interoperability. Some of the EU member states have made e-invoicing mandatory for business-to-government (B2G) transactions, which has led to several separate national e-invoicing systems. All with different standards. The result: fragmentation of the internal market. The European Commission is trying to figure how to overcome these barriers in public procurement. You’ve guessed it: a consultation.

Public authorities as driving force for EU e-invoicing

The EC writes on its website that in view of the decision of several Member States to make e-invoicing mandatory for their public procurement, the extension of this requirement to all public procurement in the EU is one of the options under consideration. Hmm, interesting. The message continues: “Since public authorities are the largest purchasers in the EU, they could act as a driving force for the broader take-up of e-invoicing in Europe – in the B2G sector initially, but, through spill-over effects, potentially also in the B2B sector.” Where’s the like button?!

Gathering views and information

The objective of the consultation is to gather views and information on the use of electronic invoicing in public procurement, i.e. in the B2G sector, and on the perceived need of action at EU level. Input is also sought as to the most appropriate solutions to promote the uptake of B2G e-invoicing and to enhance interoperability between the various national and proprietary systems. Submit your contribution here. Oh and by the way, maybe this roadmap will help clear the fog in your brain on European e-invoicing.

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