GHX and Pagero sign strategic partnership for combined e-procurement services

GHX Europe and Pagero have signed a strategic partnership to offer a complete suite of e-procurement services with a proactive market approach to the healthcare industry and for the Nordic markets.

GHX, the largest global healthcare B2B network, with deep expertise in healthcare supply chain automation and integration technology, and Pagero, a leading service provider of eInvoicing and eOrdering in Europe, are partnering to serve the Nordic markets.

The collaboration is focused on delivering electronic invoicing and ordering solutions that meet regulatory and market needs as well as on transforming the healthcare supply chain through increased automation. The GHX and Pagero partnership provides healthcare organizations doing business in the Nordic markets with both a service provider and strategic advisor on the changing market requirements.

Member state and European legislation is increasingly impacting the way that healthcare suppliers and providers do business. Countries like Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Spain are among early adopters of European eInvoicing legislation, while the UK and France are to follow shortly. Electronic invoicing legislations are also being adopted by countries outside of Europe, for example Turkey. Meeting these regulations across countries has become a strategic cornerstone for multinational healthcare organizations, creating opportunities for greater efficiency, process optimization and cost savings.

Nedzad Fajic, President of GHX Europe:
“Through this partnership, we can provide to our multinational healthcare manufacturer customers localized proactive eInvoice and eOrder services that meet customer and government requirements. Furthermore, the services provide opportunities for business growth and efficiency maximization in the Nordics. Ultimately, it allows GHX to continue delivering its mission of enabling better patient care and savings for the global healthcare community.”

Bengt Nilsson, President and CEO of Pagero AB:
“By joining forces, our customers will get access to the largest network within the healthcare sector. I am delighted that GHX has chosen Pagero as its strategic partner in the Nordic markets. We are privileged to work with an organization that has been driving continuous improvements and cost savings in healthcare for 15 years.”

Leveraging the combined strengths and expertise of GHX and Pagero healthcare providers and suppliers can take a proactive approach and offer unparalleled eProcurement services in the Nordics. Healthcare manufactures and providers benefiting from this service will be able to significantly reduce the cost of serving those markets by reducing complexity and increasing automation.

The agreement between GHX and Pagero will help ensure that trading messages reach their destination, in the correct format, according to business needs and standards, and comply with all member state and EU legislation. Furthermore, customers can benefit from local market expertise, local language support, faster delivery and rapid implementation. Furthermore, customers can benefit from local market expertise, local language support, faster delivery and rapid implementation.


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