Free white paper on global VAT compliance: how to do your e-VAT return

June 26, 2017  |  Compliance, Digitalisation

The big challenge for global companies is dealing with local tax compliance. Tax agencies around the world are moving towards electronic tax compliance. However, in a global market like today’s, each country continues to issue its own standards. When it is necessary to have several technology solutions, one for each country, the effort is doubled and management becomes inefficient.

This hinders the adaptation of companies that find technology both a challenge and an opportunity in equal measures. This prevents businesses taking advantage of the potential of automation.

That is why EDICOM has published a free white paper explaining how to submit an electronic VAT return in each world region.

What is included in the Global VAT Compliance White Paper?

The Global VAT Compliance Expert Analysis (available in English and Spanish) is a resource designed for companies operating in several countries, or planning to do so. Through it, you can find out how the indirect tax VAT works, how it is regulated and what its implications are both for companies and tax authorities.

The Global VAT Compliance guide also includes the e-VAT return process in Latin America. In this part of the world, the authorities have opted for a different model from the European and e-reporting is linked with e-invoicing, which is mandatory for the vast majority of businesses.

Download the free White Paper on Global VAT Compliance


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