Free report: Now you can manage your suppliers better than ever!

As the complexity of supplier information increases, so does the need for better decision support. Technology is evolving to support the end-to-end flow of information, overall supplier management and, ultimately, buyer-supplier collaboration. Download this exclusive Hackett report to learn more on this topic.

  • Learn
    Why top companies are moving towards a new way to manage their supplier interactions.
  • Consider
    Why you should onboard all your suppliers once, monitor risk & performance, and empower them to maintain supplier master data.
  • Explore
    How to reduce supplier risk, improve collaboration and effortlessly keep your supplier master up to date.

Nick Shields, AP Accounting Supervisor, Archer Daniel Midland Shared Services:
“There has been an innovation drought in the transaction side of the supplier environment. The Tradeshift platform changes this. What’s more, Tradeshift will allow us to innovate and improve collaboration and transaction efficiency across our global supplier network without disrupting our existing infrastructure.”

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