FIT Solutions’ e-Transformation is transforming Turkey

FIT Solutions keeps on being the leading solution partner in e-Transformation® processes of the enterprises in Turkey. The products of FIT, which provides services to 70% of the biggest 2000 enterprises in Turkey, are also preferred by the enterprises within the scale of small and medium sized enterprises. e-Archive, e-Audit, e-Ticket, e-Signature, Registered Mail (KEP), e-Reconciliation, e-Payment, e-Back Up, Process Management and e-Financing as well as e-Invoice and e-Ledger can be found among the e-Transformation® applications of FIT Solutions.

Today in Turkey it is anticipated that the number of enterprises utilizing e-Transformation applications shall exceed 1 million by the year of 2020, where the e-Transformation market substantially processes with FIT Solutions products. FIT Solution, through its exhaustive R&D, reliable infrastructure and experienced team, provides electronic solutions, increasing efficiency, decreasing labour, cargo and transportation costs and facilitating time management. Furthermore, by eliminating utilization of paper, contributes to the preservation of the environment and the country economy.


e-Invoice market will grow and leadership of FIT Solution shall continue

FIT e-Invoice solution, besides the issuance functionality of e-Invoice, states for an e-Invoice product package that facilitates e-Invoice reception and management, impeccably operating in an integrated system-independent towards incoming and outgoing e-Invoice processes. Currently, the number of e-Invoice taxpayers is measured to be over 50 thousand. FIT Solutions, due to the conveniences provided to the enterprises, shall sustain its growth in direct proportion to the market. Approximately 250 millions of invoices have been processed as of 1st of April 2014. This rate, which is equivalent to an average of 9-10 millions of invoices on a monthly basis, is anticipated to be 12-13 million monthly within the new period.


Costs decrease with 300 per cent

e-Invoice utilization decreases the costs of printing, archiving, cargo and notary attestation in the enterprises. Provides reporting and audit facilitation with a single format. Thanks to e-Invoice, the paper invoice cost with an average of 6 TL per unit decreases up to 2 kurus (0.02 TL). On the other side, due to these facilities provided, the employees shift their time spending in processes such as invoice printing, enveloping and delivering to couriers to areas providing added value for the enterprise in where they can use their skills and abilities more productively and can contribute to the advancement of the overall performance of the enterprise.


e-Ledger software with the most users in Turkey

Turkey was introduced with e-Ledger in a short span of time after e-Invoice. There are 50 thousand taxpayers compulsorily switched to e-Ledger in Turkey.


Economizing 8 thousand TL monthly for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

e-Ledger application provides an opportunity to perform exhaustive and costly processes such as printing and maintaining the ledgers on paper on electronic environment with ease and low costs. The attestation cost of around 5.000 TL of the enterprise, which keeps ledger with an average of 10.000 pages in a month, decreases by around 60% when switched to e-Ledger; and therefore the cost of stationary is set to zero. The Revenue Administration anticipates that Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, which start to use e-Ledger, can economize an average of around 8 thousand TL on monthly basis.


e-Transformation revolution rallies with e-Archive

e-Archive is a type of electronic invoice. It is a solution where you can bid farewell to your entire paper invoices except the e-Invoice, digitalizing the invoices you issued to the end users. E-Archive applications which has become obligatory as of 1st of January 2016, enables the processes to be followed transparently, decreasing the workload of enterprises, eliminating the problems such as difficulties in storage space and archiving and lead to financial saving accordingly. The stationary costs are almost set to zero due to the fact that the duplicate copies of the entire invoices are electronic and therefore the problem of the archive space is resolved.


50 millions of e-Archive invoices are issued monthly

Currently, there are more than 3 thousand taxpayers in e-Archive. More than 660 millions of e-archive invoices have been issued within the scope of e-Archive as of 1st of April 2014. The monthly average of e-Archive invoices for the previous month is calculated to be over 50 million. For this year, the numbers related to the e-Archive invoice is also expected to be increased.



FIT Solutions provides savings for enterprises up to 70% by transferring the tickets, which are both exhaustive and costly to print on papers and to retain, to electronic environment. Enterprises are not obliged to retain the printed duplicate copies of the tickets; but retain them digitally. Upon the request of the Clients, the original copy of the tickets can be printed and delivered but there is no obligation for printing. Depending on the approach of the corporations and guidance of the consumers, it is quite feasible to ensure cost saving around 20% even through the original copies. FIT Solutions, first e-Ticket private integrator of Turkey, currently providing services to 3 of the 4 users registered in Turkey and is in the leading position of Integrator Company shaping electronic ticket solution.

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